Capetown, South Africa

Capetown, South Africa

This was my very first visit to Africa, and once I got over the jet lag I had an amazing time. I flew from Los Angeles, stayed overnight in Dubai, and then on to Capetown. If you decide to fly here I would suggest planning to stay 3-4 days in Dubai, just because it is on the way and you will have more than enough time to explore. On the way back, I would suggest going through a different city, and exploring it for a few days as well. Cape Town is a lively city with many different neighborhoods. Some are much better than others, but in general wherever you are, you need to be aware of your surroundings. Stick to busy areas and keep your wits about you some areas are very prone to pickpockets and robbery, be sure to ask the front desk and concierge at your hotel. As far as transportation, I did really well using Uber and Public transportation to get around. Most of the popular areas are very accessible via public transit and this will make it possible for you to do all of the "touristy" attractions in your own time. The only tour I would actually suggest is taking one for 2-3 days along the garden route. You will get to see some of the most beautiful areas of South Africa and most include a Safari and wildlife observation and interaction. The American dollar is very strong here and you will have no problem eating, going out, and partaking in activities without breaking the bank.

These wave pools of Cape Town are so amazing. It makes swimming possible and accessible to everyone including children. I really wish the United States would create these as they are a great way to introduce people to swimming in the Ocean. Beware though that the water in Cape Town is extremely cold due to its proximity to the Arctic

V&A Waterfront. You can ride the big wheel with a view, wander around and shop, or buy food at one of the various restaurants

There are some amazing seafood restaurants in town, but as for me being a vegan, I'll just stick to the veggie sushi.

I am a huge gelato fan and there is no shortage of homemade treats here. Be sure to try anything that is flavored with Passion fruit. It tastes so good here. 

A picture of some of the colorful houses of Bo Kap.

If you want to take a picture here alone without all of the crowds be sure to arrive really early. This is one of the top tour spots so it can get crowded very quickly. 

Kids at the Beach that managed to make a sled out of a grocery cart.

Boys of summer keeping an eye out for the seals

Just a man and his pet seal. When I saw these two I had to snap a photo. I have never seen someone have this type of relationship with a sea animal. The man would call to him and he would come ashore and say hello, it was an amazing site to see.

Sculpture in Cape Town

The infamous Muizenberg Beach Huts. So happy to be able to visit this beach which is one of the most photographed places in all of South Africa.

Take a cab to visit the penguins, trust me it is worth it. You can get as close to them as you feel comfortable, which may include a bit of rock climbing and exploring. This is the only time I have been able to visit them in their natural habitat, but be respectful of their space because they are territorial and will bite you.

The Penguin hug

A beautiful glimpse of the water along the Garden Route

Prepping to Bungee Jump, I would highly suggest this even if you are not a thrill seeker, it is after all the world's highest bungee bridge. So say goodbye to your fear of heights.

And away I go...

Walking my new pet Elephant

Elephant Selfie

Visiting with the Lemurs

Some Artwork along the Garden Route, look closely they are made of wood.

Mini sculpted flowers

Mosaic Artwork

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