Summer Collection

Brand New Styles just in time for Vacation...
Whitehaven beach in Australia clear blue water and pristine white sand


My handmade jewelry is made using ethically recycled materials. Natural diamonds, pearls, or precious stones adorn each piece, which is constructed from Sterling Silver or Solid Gold. I handpicked all of the elements on my travels from around the world. As much as possible, I manufacture, construct and work with ecologically friendly products.  


My designs are heavily influenced by my favorite number, 7. I incorporate it into every piece I design. Numerology describes the number 7 as a thinker, a seeker and a seeker of truth. The Western culture considers it lucky and 7 also has great significance in religion, environment, and culture.

About Her

My work is dedicated to the women who do not necessarily fit into the female expectations of society. Whether it's for the Goaldigging bosses, the "Muthas" who have lost children, or even those in need of a "Disengagement Ring" while they drift through a moment of self-reflection. I see, recognize, and respect you. 


Char Sidney