About Us


Wander. Find. Inspire.

Welcome to The Wandering Jewel, where uniqueness isn’t just a buzzword; it’s our heartbeat. What sets us apart from the thousands of other jewelry brands? Each piece is a testament to our attention to detail and exclusive use of numerology – especially the Number 7 – as our signature characteristic.

Why The Number 7?

For centuries, the Number 7 has symbolized wisdom, good fortune, and the unwavering search for truth. Driven by a strong passion for understanding the mysteries of life, the Number 7 embodies our wandering souls and makes every single piece your lucky number 7.

Real Diamonds Are Forever

When it comes to our materials, authenticity is non-negotiable. We use only real diamonds, steering clear from lab-grown alternatives. Each real diamond tells the story of our planet’s journey through the ages and we firmly believe in preserving their uniqueness in every piece.

Sourced Ethically, Handcrafted Sustainably

We take great pride in using ethically sourced materials, which results in truly one-of-a-kind statement pieces that respect our planet and echo our Eco-conscious spirits. Sterling silver and rose gold are our favorite materials, since they combine timeless elegance with a modern twist.

The Creative Mind Behind The Wandering Jewel

Once a nurse, Char Sidney found solace and artistic expression in jewlery making during the challenging times of COVID-19. Fueled by her desire to combine therapeutic creativity with exceptional craftsmanship, Char identified a gap in the market, and decided to help women find a source of inspiration, motivation, and confidence.

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