Brazil (Rio de Janiero and Buzios)

Brazil (Rio de Janiero and Buzios)

My trip to Rio de Janiero, Brazil was absolutely wonderful. I had never visited the country before and it was just as amazing as I had dreamed. People were so kind and welcoming, food was amazing and music was sensational. I started my trip in Rio de Janiero and chose to see all of the popular spots via Uber at my own pace. I then proceeded by chance to take a 3 day trip to Buzios. I heard some guests in the lobby of my hotel talking about the most beautiful place in Brazil. Naturally I was glad I eavesdropped because it was definitely the pearl of beauty, relaxation and inspiration that I had been looking for. Unfortunately this gold gem is not accessible by any airlines. So, you must get here by Car, Minvan, or Bus. I chose a bus from Rio and the mini trip took a little over three hours. My hotel was located about 10 minutes walking from the bus station. I traveled alone and felt completely safe throughout my entire vacation.

Búzios is the perfect getaway from the crowded, hectic city life of Rio. With over 20 diamond sparkling beaches to explore, great restaurants and vibrant nightlife, Buzios has it all! And it’s only 3 hours from Rio! I got to Buzios via bus and I didn’t rent a motorcycle or buggy but I still found everything I needed within 20 minute walk of the bus station. In comparison to Rio, Buzios has more of a relaxed resort feel. The vibe here is similar to that of visiting a peaceful island.



A statue of Brigitte Bardot can be found on the Orla Bardot (Bardot Shore) in the 1960s after she and her Brazilian boyfriend went there in the 1960s. Many wealthy Brazilians and Argentinians now flock to this coastal town, which started as a fishermen's village.

It is not only a destination for the rich and famous, but has something for everyone and is a favorite among backpackers. A small-town vibe, great restaurants, boutique shops, and, most importantly, over 20 beautiful beaches await those who travel there.

In Buzios, you will quickly notice that many people speak Spanish. There are a great deal of Argentinians in Buzios, so it has become a tourism empire because of their businesses and summer homes. In this case, you will get along just fine if you speak only Spanish.

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