Careyes, Mexico

Careyes, Mexico

From the Casita Window, gold sunlight streams in. Careyes' casitas are open to the outdoors, like little beach houses. Fortunately, the weather here is pretty pleasant all year long. Keep an eye out for bats and lizards that occasionally like to spend the night here. 


A view from one of the four diamond pools at Careyes Club and Residences. There are also three restaurants and a private beach, as well as a retail shop. There are a lot of pebbles on this beach, so you have to cross them to get in the water. There is a beach next door called Playa Rosa, so you might want to try it one day.



Playa Rosa: A perfect diamond-sparkling beach for swimming, and many yachts park here to enjoy watersports during the day. Fishing and paddleboarding are also options. Cocktails and appetizers are served at the bar and restaurant. Don't forget to try the coconut water. After you are done, the meat will be cut so you can enjoy it.


At one of the Sand Castles, a Mariachi Band plays their heart out. The view of the ocean from most sand castles is amazing, and they are each unique and beautiful. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy sunset cocktails if you're invited!


Infiniti Pool/Living Room Goals: Spectacular view from one of the amazing Sand Castles, yes this is a real photo :), Gold Shimmer Included!


The ZLO airport is much closer than Puerto Vallarta's and you should book your flight there instead. While there are many more flights to Puerto Vallarta, the drive takes at least two and a half hours by taxi or car rental. The taxi ride or drive from ZLO takes less than an hour. Trust me, even if the flight is a little more expensive, save yourself the headache. II drove from Puerto Vallarta and it wasn't very well lit. The majority are on one-lane roads at night, so I had to take this trip very slowly. During the small towns, you will also encounter many speedbumps, so take caution! If you rent a car, you can go to all the nearby wonderful restaurants and do simple things like go to the pharmacy, grocery store or local restaurants on your own schedule. Vacationing here is very relaxing, and you can go at your own pace with a car. Almost all local businesses are owned by families, so it's a great way to support the local economy. When renting a car in Mexico, you should use the company's local website rather than third-party sites like Expedia or Travelocity. Many of the rates on third party sites don't include the mandatory Mexican Car insurance that will probably end up making your rental two or three times more than you thought it would be.

There is only one ATM in Careyas town, and it often runs out of cash. Bring cash (pesos) with you. You can exchange US dollars for pesos at most places here, but as you can imagine, the exchange rate is not great. It is best to come with a full tank of gas if you can go to one of the larger brands of gas stations. In Zapata, there is a man who literally sells gasoline from his truck. He is located at the laundry (lavanderia). It's amazing to see him pour large buckets of gasoline into your tank using a funnel and manual suction.

I felt perfectly safe the entire time I was in Careyes as a female solo traveler. Safe in the sense that you can leave your wallet and phone in your beach bag while you swim, or go to the restaurant to use the facilities. Zapata, the neighboring town, is also patrolled by the National Guard, so this is a second line of security to complement Careyes' private security.

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