Crete, Greece

Crete, Greece

Visiting Crete is a wonderful experience. In my opinion the people of the island are very laid back and easy going. The island is very large and has many different neighborhoods and villages to explore. You can get to Crete via Ferry or airplane. If you are flying in at night, be sure to arrange ground transport to your hotel in advance. If you are arriving at the Heraklion Ferry port you might consider staying the first night within walking distance of the Ferry or you can always rely on one of the taxis that will be waiting. The first time I visited Crete I flew in and stayed in the central part of Heraklion. This was convenient for access to the Central Bus Station that connects the entire island. If you would prefer to travel in your own time, I would strongly advise renting a car. Although most Greeks will tell you that Creteans are crazy drivers, so be extremely careful. The second time I traveled to Crete, I came in on the Ferry. My hotel was close to the port so I basically got off and walked there. This location was also within walking distance to the Central bus station. If you  really want to be able to explore all of Crete, you will need at least a week. There are many who opt to just stay at one of many fabulous resorts and I think they could be amazing as well. Although I did not get to do it, you can also explore some amazing scenic hiking in Western Crete.

All aboard the Ferry to Crete

Gathering luggage on the ferry

Heraklion at night

The main square of Heraklion lit up at night. This area is very busy and full of restaurants, shops and bars. They are also open very late so you have time to go back to your room and nap after the beach before you head to dinner.

Sisi Beach the view from up high on the cliffs


Sisi Bay

Beautiful sweet treats, I just had to take a picture of these

Natural Caves hidden in the rocks


Western Crete

Western Crete is so beautiful and quiet

My beach buddy for the day

The "going to the beach starter kit". It included juice, olives, sangria and chips. Definitely don't forget the water! Many beaches have resorts that you can sit at all day as long as you order from them. 

Just a door that I really liked

I got a fish spa pedicure and it was kinda weird but still fun as a first-timer

Downtown Chania

Main fountain in Chania

The restaurants in the middle of the main square in Chania

Chania, I just love the architecture

Mount up! Time for a carriage ride around the main square


In Elounda taking a private dip


Sisi Bay

View from the bus on the way to Elounda

The water is such a pretty blue

 Malia Beach


Just taking a moment to see the beautiful beach and feel the silky sand between my toes

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