New Orleans, USA

New Orleans, USA

As onlookers gather on Frenchman street, a brass band plays. In formation, a group of street dancers lines up. After flinging himself out of the club, a man opens his black bag and pulls out a gleaming gold trumpet, then takes his place in front of the band. Lights sparkle on the street and neon signs give the area an ambiance of rosy yellow glow. A crowd of people stops, stares, dances, cheers, and laughs. In New Orleans, it's 7:30 pm on a Monday.

It has been a pleasure to vacation in New Orleans several times, and it ranks high on my list of favorite North American cities.The French Quarters, the Warehouse District, and the Garden District were the main parts of the city I visited and enjoyed the most. There is a lot of attention paid to the French Quarter, but if you want a good night's sleep, you should stay just outside of it.Only a few minutes away by foot, the Warehouse District is a world away from the French Quarter's noise and madness. And honestly its only a 5-10 minute short walk anyway with its own mix of amazing hotels, restaurants, and bars. 

All of these neighborhoods were managed by walking, car service, or streetcars. The city itself inspired my Diamond Disengagement Engagement Rings. 

In the United States, New Orleans is unlike anywhere else. It has such a dynamic blend of cultural influences. Visiting New Orleans during Mardi Gras is on many visitors' bucket lists, but there really is something for everyone.Fall and spring are actually the best times to visit..The months of June, July, and August are best avoided. These months are extremely hot and humid and you might miss out on a lot of activities because the weather can be so unbearable.




Be sure you have a bit of time to ride the St. Charles Streetcar. You can easily take a ride from the French Quarter to the Garden District. The streetcars are a beautifully restored and iconic part of New Orleans. You should try to definitely make a point of taking it at least once! The Garden District is also beautiful and has amazing architecture, restaurants, and bars.The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland was partly inspired by a house in the Garden District..Gardens and terraces are beautifully manicured in this neighborhood that sparkles like a diamond. 

If you have time, I recommend you visit the Carousel Bar in the French Quarter I've always met the most interesting people here, both locals and tourists.Getting a seat at the actual carousel might take a bit of time, but I promise it is worth it. Located inside the historic Hotel Monteleone, this amazing spot is the perfect place to grab a nightcap.



Overall my trips to New Orleans have always been memorable and I have always felt safe in the big easy. I traveled alone and have never had any problems.As long as you stay in the busy areas at night, you should be safe. 

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