Phuket Thailand

Phuket Thailand

Thailand is known for its beaches, temples, and incredible food. It's absolutely true, and I was able to experience all of this on my vacation to Phuket. During my stay, I went island hopping and stayed for about a week. There are many great restaurants and street vendors there, and the American dollar is very strong there. For less than $8 US dollars, you can also get amazing massages here. Thai massage seeks out and destroys every knot and kink in your body, so be careful and tell them to go easy on you.

Scenes from the Food Night Market

So much to choose from and from what I have heard all of the seafood is amazing!

Be sure to try the fruit shakes! Get one in a fruit that you have never heard of and you might actually be surprised. Passion and Dragon fruit are very flavorful here and I highly recommend tasting them.

Some stands have mini-restaurants set up with tables and chairs so that you can sit down and enjoy them.


Pick your own seafood! It's probably freshly caught from today and they can fix it however you like. Gives the idea of being freshly made to order a completely new perspective. 

Fresh coconut water is the Starbucks of Phuket. It's a great way to stay hydrated and refreshed. 


Scenes from a waterfall. Just a small adventure on one of my day trips from Phuket. Some of them are all day and include lunch. Just remember that it is customary to bargain for anything you want to buy here (the exception being food or services like massages). So don't be afraid to make an offer before accepting the "sticker" price or first offer that a vendor throws out at you.  

Crab alert

I was here for NYE and it was a total blast. I had so much fun just running around downtown Phuket. The entire scene was very festive and I felt very safe in the area even traveling alone.

Kisses from my new Boyfriend. Does he love me? Or just the bananas?

James Bond Island. Worth it to visit, just know that the only way to actually get out there is to swim, and there is no little beach to rest on. 

Captain of my Raft. All aboard for an amazing river ride!


Big Budda. Just be sure that you are covered up or they will not let you enter. No shorts, or short sleeves, or low cut tops. They may ask you to use a shawl to cover up.


Monkey at a temple. Beware they are cute and will eat bananas right out of your hand, but they will also take your cell phone or wallet. They are all huge and spoiled because they get fed so much. You'll see them take one bite out of a banana and then throw it on the ground, just to start on another one. 


Motorbikes are the preferred mode of travel here. You can even catch one as a taxi if you like. I found them to be pretty safe because they never really go very fast.



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