Sayulita, Mexico

Not so far from Punta Mita and about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta lies the charming little town of Sayulita. There are many beautiful beaches to swim, surf, fish and enjoy watersports. Most of the beaches had some kind of setup for refreshments. Although many choose to rent a golf cart, everything is really within walking distance. At night it can be a bit dark in certain places but I have to say that I never felt unsafe and this community looks out for its visitors.

Carricitos Beach at Sunset is something you should really try and see. Bring a bottle of wine, fruit, snacks, water and a flashlight to find your way back. It is about a 20 minute walk from the main plaza. 


  Horseback riding is a must. This was definitely one of my favorite excursions. Do not be afraid they have horses that are perfect for first timers or beginners. If possible try to go after 4pm when you can really run along the beach. The view is beautiful and there will not be a lot of traffic. Most rides are about an hour and a half, which is more than enough time to explore some of the less frequented beaches. 











Main Plaza Sayulita definitely the center of the town. It is surrounded by many restaurants, a plaza and plenty of local shopping. Note that sunscreen is very expensive to buy here, so remember to pack your own!
Dogs Rule Here, No Leashes Allowed!! You will see many stray dogs roaming all over town, no need to be afraid they are used to being around people and very friendly.
Beat the heat with Homemade Popsicles. One of the many sweet treats you will find in town. This is a Chamango popsicle. Its a delicious combination of mango and chamoy sauce that has sweet and sour taste. 
Surf!!! Take a lesson, this is definitely the vacation spot to try surfing for the first time. There are a few surf schools nestled along the beach and they are all great. If you see someone surfing well that looks like a pro, don't hesitate to ask if they teach. The left side of Sayulita Beach is perfect for Beginners and the right side of the Beach is great for watching the more experienced surfers and pros.
Vegan Dragons in the trees! You will see these little dragons roaming all over in the trees. Do not be alarmed they are gentle creatures that will eat fruit out of your hand. I remember feeding one bananas and a short time later his friends decided to trust me and came over for a bite.
Fruit Cocktails are some of the many drinks you can enjoy along the beach. Many stands are set up all day with a wide range of seafood as well.
Playa de las Muertos (Beach of the Dead). Yes, it is across the dirt road from a cemetery but it is not as eerie as you might be thinking. I really like this beach because it was on the smaller side and had natural shade from the trees behind it. The beach is also surrounded by natural rocks that are fun to climb and take pictures with. The entrance to the beach has various vendors for chair and umbrella rentals as well as seafood and cocktails.
Tips and Tricks: You can take Uber to get here, but Uber does not operate in Sayulita, so you'll need to find an alternative to get back to the airport. There are many taxis and car services that can easily be arranged by your Hotel. I traveled solo as a woman and never felt uncomfortable, or unsafe. The Police are often patrolling the area, and definitely have a presence here. There is also a brand new hospital at the beginning of town in case of an emergency.
A vast amount of restaurants are located all over the town, and most are very reasonably priced. Don't forget to buy some bottled water since it is not safe to drink anything out of the faucet. There are tons of Mini-markets all over so they will not be hard to find.
If you want to convert money they best place to try is called Intercam and it is located right next to the new hospital at the entrance to the town, just don't forget to bring your passport!