Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar, Tanzania

This beautiful archipelago island located off the Eastern Coast of Tanzania has some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever visited. It's the type you think someone used an amazing filter on in one of their social media post. I had the pleasure to visit the main island Unguja and taking an amazing tour through Stone Town, which is a city known historically for trade. I stayed for 4 days and it was just the right amount of time. I highly recommend staying in the Kiwengqa Beach area it is beautiful and safe for tourists. There are also many all inclusive hotels in this area for convenience. It is about a one hour ride into Stone Town, or the airport. 


Beautiful white Sand beaches aplenty as promised in the brochure!. A walk on the beach is always nice and relaxing anytime of day, but keep in mind that if you venture into the public area of the beach you will have an onslaught of "Beach Boys" trying to sell you anything from beaded goods to sailboat rides. As long as you know this ahead of time the experience may not be as shocking. Just remember that the people who work the beaches are doing so to make a living and provide for their families. If you are not interested a firm "no" should be more than enough to send them on their way. But if by chance you are interested, do not be afraid to bargain it is part of the culture her and almost expected. 


There is beautiful carved wood all over the island. From coffee tables to doors, they are definitely one of the islands most distinct characteristics. A lot of furniture is for sale al over the island and you can have it shipped back for a decent price when purchase it directly in Zanzibar. 

Another beautiful hand carved door that has probably been intact for hundreds of years. You can see the middle eastern influence throughout a lot of the architecture here.

A beautiful pool in a hotel I wandered into. I took a picture just because I found it so perfect. Be warned that of you stay in Stone Town, many of the hotels do not have air-conditioning or elevators. So pack light, and bring a fan! Thank goodness for pools like these because it definitely gets very hot and humid here.

Another beautiful doorway which is almost commonplace here. One of my favorites by far, I would love to ship this one home!

Rooms like this make you feel like you are in a private tropical garden. Perfect location as well just a minute walk to the beach. Small touches like turndown service with mosquito netting can really save your trip!

One of the smaller villages you will pass through on your way from the airport or on the way to Stone Town. When you arrive the airport is probably like nothing you have ever experienced before. It feel like you are in a makeshift barn or shelter with little formal or modern amenities. You are really just meant to land, go through customs, and then proceed to a taxi and head to your hotel. Just so you are aware, there is no need to change to Tanzania Dollars and from my experience when you arrive back in the United States no bank really accepts them either. American dollars are readily accepted and actually preferred here.    

 Overall your experience her will be amazing if you can stay at least 5 days. You will have plenty of time to relax, take a boat excursion, tour stone town and explore the beach. Just be sure to remember your sunscreen and mosquito repellent!


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