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ENGAGED Disengagement Ring®

ENGAGED Disengagement Ring®

Who says you have to be engaged to anyone to wear an engagement ring? Why not just engage with oneself for awhile? This is a stacker ring from the  Disengagement Ring® collection. It is also adorned with 7 diamonds between the letters that spell out "Engaged."

Total Diamond (VS1) Weight: 0.1ct

Width of band: 3mm

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Jewelry Care

Take special care of your beautiful jewels. Solid gold pieces are safe to wear in the shower and bath, but sterling silver and gold plated pieces shouldn't be worn in salt water. Make sure you don't submerge your jewelry in water. When cleaning with harsh chemicals, remove your jewelry. Jewelry can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap, then dried with a soft cloth. If you wear your jewelry frequently, you should have it professionally cleaned once a year. Maintain a clean, dry place to store your jewelry, and make sure to Insure it. 

Real Diamonds Are Forever

When it comes to our materials, authenticity is non-negotiable. We use only real diamonds, steering clear from lab-grown alternatives. Each real diamond tells the story of our planet’s journey through the ages and we firmly believe in preserving their uniqueness in every piece.